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This document was first released in March 2018 and is based on the so-called 'Mariman collection', which consists of over 1000 different Catholic rosaries and chaplets including various unique pieces, which have long been forgotten and were regarded as lost. Going from early to more recent times, here these rosaries and chaplets are described with attention for their composition, prayers, symbolism, blessings and indulgences, link with confraternities, timeframe, etc. Sometimes the miraculous power of these prayer beads will be illustrated with interesting stories.

Although most world religions use some form of prayer beads, the Catholic religion has procreated an overwhelming number of different varieties with special devotions to saints, souls, religious feasts and activities, etc. Therefore, at present this document is not yet complete and it will take a considerable number of years to accomplish that. In this respect, the visitor will notice regular additions of new chapters to the index, but also regular updates of already published chapters as new information has become available.

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